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From South to North (and everywhere in between)

From South to North (and everywhere in between)   15 Sep 2016

From Bottom to Top! Oh North is North and South is South (to misquote Rudyard Kipling) and we've got things happening both ends of Britain.  As the Summer cools (give it a few days...), we are restarting our program of Wine Tasting Dinners, with one South at St. JOHN Maltby and another for our friends in the... more>

Exciting, game changing news...

Exciting, game changing news...   9 Sep 2016

Sense the potential... We've got some incredible news for you. Yes you, moving to Margate and missing St. JOHN. And you, coming home late again. And you there, prone to the Sunday night blues. And even you too, filled with dawning realisation that you have people over for dinner and nothing to give them.This is for all of... more>

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