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In 1993, Fergus was working with Jon Spiteri running their restaurant above the French House pub on Soho’s Dean Street, while Trevor and a friend had created the Fire Station at Waterloo. In early 1994, the success of the Fire Station led to an offer of the run down smokehouse building that was 26 St. John Street in Smithfield. Through the medium of the olive oil man, Trevor, Jon and Fergus met. Lunch (and dinner……) was taken and St. John Smithfield opened in October 1994. Jon’s and Fergus’ wives took over the French House, moving on to the Rochelle Canteen a few years later and Jon left after a while to do other things.

Today we have gently spread across various places and projects, no plan, no roll out, hopefully the same rigour and philosophy and we try to remember that it started with both purpose and simplicity, Fergus puts it on the plate and Trevor puts it in the glass.

Trevor and Fergus

Party time, excellent!

Party time, excellent!   12 Nov 2015

We know it seems early, but...    ...The party season is almost upon us - indeed, it feels distinctly like it's already begun!  When things really get into full swing we'd like you to be prepared, and only drink the good stuff.  Whether it's a magnum for that dinner you've been asked to, or a bag-in-box for the fridge to tide... more>

What are you doing?

What are you doing?   10 Nov 2015

New Year, New Party! We've thrown a few celebrations in our time - some impromptu, some long awaited, some monumental, some intimate, some early doors and some late nights that we'd never put in print.  All had a few things in common: delicious things on plates, excellent things in glasses, and the most convivial company. But... we've... more>

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