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Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue   17 Jun 2016

Good Things are Worth the Wait Old buildings contain stories woven into their fabric... and each of those stories spell delays! While we refurbish Bread and Wine, our initial June 17th re-opening date proved somewhat optimistic. So...   BREAD and WINE will reopen on THURSDAY, JUNE 23rd See you at 8am for breakfast (Fergus and... more>

An Arctic Extravaganza

An Arctic Extravaganza   8 Jun 2016

This might be our most special dinner yet.  In the wilds of the Arctic Circle, in the far remote north of Norway, mad Scotsman Roderick Sloan hand dives for Fergus' favourite food: sea urchins. The urchins are seasonal, available in the harshest Arctic months, from September to January. Diving is truly a labour of... more>

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