St JOHN Bakery

We have baked bread from our early beginnings, as Fergus says “bread is as vital as your knife and fork in the eating process”. The smell of the bread welcomed the brigade as they came in each morning, the daily process began.

When demand grew from our two restaurants and from our many customers taking bread to enjoy at home, we finally opened the stand alone bakery in November 2010.  The happy legacy at Smithfield and Spitalfields is the fact that they both have bakery ovens which are great for slow braises, suckling pig and all manner of good things.

We have found ourselves a part of the happy and vibrant Saturday morning producers "open door" market that now exists across Maltby and Druid streets. We have also struck up firm relationships with retailers and our friends in other restaurants, and seen our breads on sale in various London stores too.

We remain true to our methodology, working with our hands, sourcing from like minded folk and above all taking the time that all bread truly needs, no compromise. and remain, as ever, just a little bit, quietly, evangelical!

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72 Druid St

Phone Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

020 7237 5999

Or call 020 7553 9842/9846 

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