Our Breads

We  enjoy baking and for us one of the most important things after your hands, your knowledge and your experience, is time. Slow fermentation, over many hours, is key to how we bake. You cannot rush good bread making and we prove our sourdough for forty hours. We want our breads to have a long shelf life, good bread should never be wasted it should remain moist when perfectly kept and have as we say, resistant crumb. We do work with good millers, we do enjoy doing new things but at the heart of our work is our range of daily breads.

White Sourdough 800g: As described in Beyond Nose to Tail by Fergus, the result of our "much nurtured Mother".  We use a mix of weak and strong flour. It comes in a round shape with a concentric floured circle on its top. It is not scored, as it does not split.

Brown Sourdough 800g: A favourite, more sour than the first, this bread uses four flours, two white, one wholemeal and some rye, plus some ferment made of the same composition.

 100% Rye Sourdough 800g: Made of rye flour, rye ferment and salt…a pure rye loaf.

White Loaf 800g: A two flour white loaf with a good weight using both weak and strong organic flours with some stiff mother to enhance flavour. This loaf has twenty hours cold fermentation. Althought it has a proving time; it still takes 72 hours to produce  this loaf to the condition we want. 

White Stick 500g: This is not a baguette: it is a substantial bread. Our sticks are much heavier than the regular french baguette with 1/10th of the yeast used in our white loaves.  

Brown loaf 800g: The brown loaves follow the same process as the white with the wholemeal flour and the rye flour, respectively 30% and 10% in the mix. 

Light Rye 800g: Our light rye has some white flour in the mix and some rye grain that we wet to soften.  As it says a lighter rye, a softer crumb and with a very good shelf life.

Raisin 800g:  A verstaile loaf toasted with marmalade or Marmite, great with soft ewes or goats cheese. We put wet currants and raisins in this loaf, it releases the flavour and spreads through the loaf as it bakes. The loaf has a little butter hence the cakey texture.

Sandwich Tin Loaf in 900g or 2.2Kg: “This is not white sliced pap, this is a handsome, white, crusty beauty which speaks bacon sandwich”. Organic white flour, stiff Mother, water, salt, yeast…a proper loaf!

Soda Loaf 500g: A breakfast favourite when toasted with lashing of butter and marmalade. The buttermilk delivers that rich yielding crust and full texture… White Flour, Organic Wholemeal, Water, Buttermilk, Baking powder, white sugar, salt.

There are bread recipes in our cookery books and we are always happy to answer questions about our pastries and baking generally.

All our breads contain some sourdough whether it is from our Stiff Mother or our ferments. Our regular range however have also a little bit of yeast to ensure that fermentation takes place. The hydration is still very high, the fermentation time very long. You will get a nice elastic crumb and a leathery feel to the crust.

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