Buying our bread

We now offer a Bread-in-Box service for our famous sourdoughs, Eccles cakes and brownies, with nationwide (or even overseas!) delivery via Royal Mail, or other courier by request.

Bread is shipped on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Please allow 24 hours notice for orders to be processed.

To order, click HERE

Tell us the item and the quantity you would like.

Prices are as follows:

White Sourdough (800g) £4.00

As described in Beyond Nose to Tail by Fergus, the result of our "much nurtured Mother".  We use a mix of weak and strong flour. It comes  in a  round shape with a concentric floured circle on its top. It is not scored, as it does not split.  

Brown Sourdough (800g) £4.00

A favourite, more sour than the first, this bread uses four flours, two white, one wholemeal and some rye, plus some ferment made of the same composition.

The brown & the white sourdoughs will keep fresh for several days, but if you don't think you'll get through it in time they can be sliced & frozen, then toasted straight from the freezer with excellent effect!

Brownies (minimum 6) £2.50 each

Our brownies are the chocolate lovers delight.  We use 70% dark Valrhona chocolate, hazelnuts and unbaked almonds alongside the little flour we put in to give structure.

Eccles cakes (minimum 6) £2.50 each

Our eccles cakes do use butter!  Three little slits on top, traditionally, representing The Holy Trinity. Full of lovely spices and fruit mix, nothing from a jar here, a great restorative and lovely with Lancashire cheese which is how we serve it at St JOHN. 


Postage prices on application, via Royal Mail or other courier.


You can buy our bread at all of the places below ;

St. JOHN Bakery 

Saturday mornings 09.00 - 14.00

Sundays 11.00 - 16.00

Click here for more info

St. JOHN Smithfield, 26 St. JOHN Street, LONDON EC1M 4AY
St. JOHN Bread and Wine, 94-96 Commercial Street, LONDON E1 6LZ


Borough Market 6 Park Street London SE1 9AD


400 Oxford Street London W1A 1AB



Knightsbridge London SW7



Primose Hill Gloucester Avenue London NW1

Hampstead Oriel Place London NW3

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