We did not hold back when we made  them the first time! We wanted it to be different, not just a chocolate slab. Our brownies are the chocolate lovers delight whether enjoyed on its own or with company is up to you. We say it is best shared given it is so rich and smooth. We use 70% dark Valrhona chocolate, hazelnuts and unbaked almonds alongside the little flour we put in in which to give structure.

Eccles Cakes

Our eccles cakes do use butter!  Three little slits on top, traditionally, representing The Holy Trinity. there are two sizes, regular and mini. Full of lovely spices and fruit mix, nothing from a jar here, a great restorative and lovely with Lancashire cheese which is how we serve it at St JOHN. The recipe can be found in "Beyond Nose to Tail" by Fergus Henderson and Justin Gellatly.


We bake madeleines across St JOHN, only fresh of course. They are baked on Saturday mornings at the bakery, please do order ahead if you would like to collect from Smithfield, Spitalfields or the bakery. On Saturdays at the bakery there is the additional treat of a cup of our hot chocolate to enjoy with your madeleine!

Seasonal Range

We also release, when comes the time, a range of seasonal products. At St JOHN we like to pick fruit when they are ripe;  We do not think that Christmas is in November or that Easter starts in January… Christmas Puddings are released in early December until Christmas Eve, you can start ordering them in November. Our mini mince pie are made throughout December, our Hot Cross buns are made 3 weeks before Easter…  Watch this space!

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