St JOHN Chinatown

Fergus and Trevor both have memories from way back of MANZI'S and when the possibility of actually realizing a little idea they had had of a hotel was mooted they were intrigued. In 2007 only Manzi’s and Sheekey’s remained of the old west end theatre restaurants. Mr. Manzi sold the building and left the tables set, the beds made and headed to Monte Carlo.

Like lambs innocently knowing their responsibility to keep the site alive and in its long use as a restaurant with rooms, Fergus and Trevor set about the project. We did prevail and achieved an often full and busy hotel and a Michelin Star to boot but after the struggles that took us from 2007 to an eventual opening we did not really begin to see the light until the latter part of 2012. Alas this was too late, we then worked with the Unlisted Collection until the Spring of 2013 but they decided on going their own way and now the Hotel is their No.1 Leicester Street. Tom Harris remains at the helm in the kitchen and we wish them well. There is a gallery of images of our St. John Hotel for reference, thank you for the design enquiries and kind thoughts

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