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We have collected quite a lot of film and video clips, including that favourite “disciplining the parsley!” over the years.
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June 2016

Bars! Brains! Booze! And a family obsession.

Bars! Brains! Booze! And a family obsession.   24 Jun 2016

 Flaming June is looking flaming busy!   BREAD and WINE REFURBISHMENT! When we opened Bread and Wine almost fifteen years ago it was, as the name suggests, a place to bake our bread and give you a glass when you came to collect it. Fergus (with his architect's training) always says that usage should dictate a space... more>

May 2016

Brain Burger

Brain Burger   24 May 2016

"Brains are close to my heart, literally. The wires from my chest to my brain to treat my Parkinson's are a miracle." - Fergus Henderson  THE BRAIN BURGER In aid of Parkinson's UK, a very special collaboration betweenFergus Henderson and MEATliquor.&nb... more>

April 2016

We know you love new things.

We know you love new things.   28 Apr 2016

The sunshine is here! The warmth has yet to follow but that doesn't stop us sipping chilled rosé, there's something very lovely about a glintingly crisp glass on a glintingly crisp day. And if you needed any more persuasion, we've got a beautiful array of new wines for you AND a new excuse to drink them - maybe even al... more>

Stay up late, or get up early

Stay up late, or get up early   7 Apr 2016

Stay up late with us, we'll look after you in the morning. Springtime always evokes something of the pagan, with possibility and earthly delights jostling for your enjoyment. True to the spirit of the season, later this month Trevor and Fergus invite you to discard your cutlery and make full use of tooth and claw for a hands-on dinner of... more>

March 2016

Surprising Combinations, Early Rising Compensations, Easter Salutations.

Surprising Combinations, Early Rising Compensations, Easter Salutations.   15 Mar 2016

Life is changing.  No one drinks Sauternes with oysters anymore (yes, we know, but keep reading). No one has time for a leisurely breakfast anymore.  But some things, thank goodness, stay the same.  Easter traditions, with family and friends. Hot Cross Buns. The eternal pleasure of good food, well cooked, in convivial... more>

February 2016

In Pursuit of Happiness

In Pursuit of Happiness   26 Feb 2016

Rain, Shine and the Pursuit of Happiness We've barely seen Trevor this month.  No sooner did he return from one wine fair then he was off to the next. Then off to see our vignerons amongst their gnarled vines and wineries, tasting wines from the tank and catching up with their grandmothers, spouses, small children and dogs - and... more>

Making Friends & Influencing People

Making Friends & Influencing People   11 Feb 2016

January should be a month of relaxation and recuperation, but we've had none of that!  We're charging full steam into February with no rest for the wicked (wicked meaning good, of course).This month we're all about our friends.  We're playing away twice in February, collaborating on two very different dinners... then there are the happy... more>

January 2016

Sunshine in the depth of Winter...

Sunshine in the depth of Winter...   15 Jan 2016

Warm Wishes for 2016! Winter has well and truly hit, with the cold snap threatening to drive away the warm memories of Christmas and New Year (what a party!!). But don't lose heart! The days are getting longer again we promise, Spring is within sight, and we've got a treat to make the wait a little shorter... PROVENCE WINE... more>

December 2015

Puddings! Pies! Wines! Dates!

Puddings! Pies! Wines! Dates!   9 Dec 2015

At St. JOHN we only really start feeling festive on December 1st when, as tradition dictates, the Mince Pies and Christmas Puddings hit our counters. At the restaurants the air is full of spice and celebration, and as the festivities begin in your own homes too we are here to help.  By now you know that we deliver wine (and other things) to... more>

November 2015

Party time, excellent!

Party time, excellent!   12 Nov 2015

We know it seems early, but...    ...The party season is almost upon us - indeed, it feels distinctly like it's already begun!  When things really get into full swing we'd like you to be prepared, and only drink the good stuff.  Whether it's a magnum for that dinner you've been asked to, or a bag-in-box for the fridge to tide... more>

What are you doing?

What are you doing?   10 Nov 2015

New Year, New Party! We've thrown a few celebrations in our time - some impromptu, some long awaited, some monumental, some intimate, some early doors and some late nights that we'd never put in print.  All had a few things in common: delicious things on plates, excellent things in glasses, and the most convivial company. But... we've... more>

October 2015

Reveals & Revelries!

Reveals & Revelries!   1 Oct 2015

Shorter Days, Longer Nights  ... But there is no mourning those balmy summer days, because we have some delicious ways for you to wile away those autumnal days and evenings, either in our convivial company or in your own.   more>

September 2015

A Thrill Seeker's Feast!

A Thrill Seeker's Feast!   24 Sep 2015

  An exciting collaboration, a feast for the senses! Late last year Noble Rot Magazine met up with artist Brian Eno to taste some of the world's most exciting wines.  Discussions took in the diverse merits of wines from Santa Barbara Riesling to Grand Cru Burgundy, but when they opened a bottle... more>

August 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, an Announcement!

Ladies and Gentlemen, an Announcement!   27 Aug 2015

Easy Access. Many of you already buy our wines online, for delivery to your very door. And we have to thank you, because hitherto some of you have found it a little tricky!But now, we are delighted to announce the launch of... TA DAA..  OUR NEW WINE WEBSITE! We think it's simple, in design and use. We think it's effective, and efficient. And... more>

September Happenings

September Happenings   20 Aug 2015

These Days are Just Packed! We've got a crazy September coming up... and you can join us, with some serious fun, some serious wines, some serious (or not so serious!) lessons and a seriously good cause.You're welcome to come to all, or some, or just usher in the beginning of Autumn with a plate of Devilled Kidneys and a glass at  St John... more>

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