We are proud purveyors of BIBs here at St. John. They represent, we hope, good value (one carton is the equivalent of four bottles), they are environmentally happy and the whites are a perfect fit for the fridge! The BIBs are available over the counter at Smithfield,  Bread and Wine and theBakery on Saturdays.

Now available for delivery, free of charge when you order three...! Email Max for details or call him on 02075539843.


Here are the wines...

St. John 'Pic St Loup' Rouge BIB 2013 - £31.00

Made by Jean-Benoit high in the Languedoc, it is a cabernet syrah blend, soft tannins, dark red fruit and the herbal notes of the limestone garrigue.

St. John 'Pic St Loup' Blanc BIB 2014 - £31.00

Sauvignon blanc with a steadying touch of roussanne, marsanne and viognier. Green fruit skin, fresh and clean, with lovely acidity to get your taste buds on the move. Finishing with the garrigue.. thyme and lavender.

St. John 'Hérault' Rosé BIB 2014 - £31.00

New in for the summer of 2015, a crisp and refreshing rose with the  sunny slopes of Languedoc giving ripe red fruit and delicate floral notes. Easy drinking, well made and jovial... perhaps one is not enough!

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