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Here is a sample of our bar menu which runs all day and will change during the day. A lighter more relaxed way of eating, and of course, our celebrated Welsh Rarebit is always available as are our daily desserts.  Do contact us via the Events page for private hire which we are happy to do.


Eccles Cake & Lancashire Cheese
Eccles Cake
Seed Cake & a glass of Madeira

Bar Food

Green Salad
Kid Broth
Devilled Kidneys
Snails & Oakleaf
Cold Roast Beef, Green Beans & Anchovy
Welsh Rarebit
Roast Bone Marrow & Parsley Salad
Whole Crab and Mayonnaise
Brown Shrimp & White Cabbage
Cheese & Chutney Sandwich
Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich


Twiced Baked Chocolate Cake & Creme Fraiche
Fig and Walnut Tart
Blackcurrant Trifle
Caramel Pot & Golden Syrup Biscuit
Blackberry Ripple Ice Cream
Lemon Sorbet & Russian Vodka
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