Domaine des Sablonnettes

Vigneron: Joel Menard.

Christine and Joel Menard run this small domaine to very exact standards. Not only do their methods follow the biodynamic system, they also refuse to chaptalise (add extra sweetnes to the grape juice to increase alcohol and concentration), add any artificial yeasts, nor do they filter their wines. As a result the wines are beautifully fresh and natural in style and flavour.

Their wines have bags of personality as with their makers. The labels reflect their on-going passion for happiness, them, their vines and then onto you and I. Les Murmures is made in a similar style to a Vin Jaune, it’s bone dry, full of complexity and is a real talking point. The Rose Passerille is in their view similar to a Pineau de Charantes. The grapes are allowed to dry naturally in the sun. The result is a lovely aperitif wine, not a million miles from a Lillet Rouge, that I would serve over ice to start the meal or as a dessert wine with a fruit trifle or pavlova. The three reds (rose) epitomise spring to summer drinking, elegant, vibrant, fun and most definitely buvable!

Address: L'Esperance 497 50 Rablay sur Layon, France
Phone:02 ,41,78,40,49
Website: no

Wine   White


Domaine des Sablonnettes, Rablay sur Layon

Variety;   Chenin Blanc  

14.5% ABV

Vin de Table de France

This wine is very different....fabulous but different. It tastes like an incredible fino sherry or a 'Vin Jaune' from the Jura, I thought it was Madeirised when I first took a sip but it has way to complex a flavour to be Madeirised.... It spends amore than two years in barrel without "ouillage" (filling up of casks to replace evaporated wine and prevent oxidation) so that a white film of yeast, called "voile" (veil), forms on top of the wine giving it its distinctive "gout de jaune" (yellow flavour). The flavour is like that when it is put in the bottle and will stay like that. It is a great wine to have as a point of difference with a cheese plate (to go with the fresher creamier cheeses) alongside a good bottle of red (for the hard and blue cheeses). Try chicken also with cream and mushrooms or andouillettes if you dare...!

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